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The Need For Defrost PDF Print

Of all aspects of a refrigeration system, defrost is the process that origins more troubles.

If the user of the system doesn’t understand the process, may identify it as a malfunction that can ruin the products at his responsibility and so, the process is stopped by turning the machine off.

Most of the times, this will only put the things worst because the process of defrost is in fact necessary.

Why is defrost needed?
The humidity present in the air, freezes in the evaporator, preventing the air of passing through it and giving origin to an excessive spend of energy and a decrease of the system performance.

Defrost is essential to the right performance of the system.

What happens during defrost?
The evaporated is heated so that the frozen water melts and exits by the drainage pipe. During this process, the system prevents the heat of injuring the products, by stopping ventilation.

After defrost, the evaporator stays clean and the refrigeration unity is prepared to refrigerate
at its high performance.

Thermographs are digital recording thermometers used to log temperature in different environment's.

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