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It’s very important to obey certain rules so that the refrigeration systems are used in an efficient way:
1. Keep the refrigeration system functioning in perfect conditions;
2. Keep the insulation box in perfect conditions and keep the doors with good seals;
3. Do not throw together products with different needs of temperature;
4. To pre-heat the box until the needed temperature before loading the products;
5. Load the refrigerated products with the box at the right temperature;
6. To load the box so that the air rounds by the products in similar way;
7. To defrost manually in case of excessive ice accumulated in the evaporator;
8. Do not obstruct the air return to the evaporator;
9. To turn off the refrigeration system when doors are open;
10. To reduce the doors opening to the necessary and avoid parking at the sun.
Thermographs are digital recording thermometers used to log temperature in different environment's.

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