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The transportation is a fundamental stage in cold chain maintenance and it cannot be miscarried.

It is very important to keep the vehicle refrigeration system functioning perfectly because the quality and acceptance of the transported products can depend on it. Maintenance and regular overhaul allow evaluating the refrigeration system and avoiding serious damages that can result in products decline in quality.

Food products transportation vehicles must follow the following characteristics:

  • Transportation box cannot communicate with the driver’s cabin;
  • The box floor, walls and ceiling should be made of deterioration resistant, impermeable, and easy to clean material;
  • The floor should be sealed in order to avoid the exit of any fluid to the exterior;
  • The walls should not be made of wrinkled material;
  • The shelves should be made of resistant and impermeable material, should allow the air circulation and avoid the contact of the products with the fluids or residues that gather on the floor;
  • Should have refrigeration system for all food products that require adjusted temperatures to its preservation during transportation;
  • The vehicles intended to transport meat should have stainless steel bars and hangers to hook on suspension, fixed at a high which allows avoiding the meat contact with the floor;
  • The vehicles for bread distribution can’t have any surface sealed with covering sheet or fabric;
  • The natural ventilation devices (ventilators, covering hatches or others) cannot be used whenever the vehicle is loaded.
Thermographs are digital recording thermometers used to log temperature in different environment's.

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