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Food Transportation Temperatures PDF Print

Note: The following information is given for reference purposes only.

Deep Frozen Products
All products -18º C
Frozen Products
Ice-cream -20º C
Fishery Products -12º C
Salted frozen fish for conserve purposes -9º C
Meat Products -12º C
Egg Products; Rabbit, Bird and Game Meat -12º C
Animal Fat (Tallow) -12º C
Chilled Products
Fresh fish, crustaceans and shellfish (excluding live ones) In ice
Fresh meat +7ºC
Bird and Rabbit Meat +4º C
Game Meat +7º C
Grinded Meat and Grinded Meat Products +2º C
Meat products +6ºC
Fresh animal fat +7ºC
Non-stabilized animal fats (except butter) +10ºC
Pastry creams, fresh pastry and egg products +3º C
Soft Cheeses +6º C
Non-sterilized, untreated, unpasteurized or fermented milk, fresh cream, cottage cheese and yogurts+4º C
Milk for industry processing +6º C
Chilled eggs in their shells +6º C
Mushrooms, strawberries and raspberries +2º C
Apricots +3º C
Cherries and spinaches +4º C
Asparagus, hubbard squashes e mature lemons +5ª C
Lettuce, chicory and lentils +6º C
Peaches +7º C
Brussels-sprouts, cauliflower, green beans, mature tomatoes, grapes and tangerines +8º C
Oranges, pears, apples, melons, avocados e peppers +10º C
Lemons, cucumbers, green tomatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, potatoes, chestnuts and bananas +12º C
Thermographs are digital recording thermometers used to log temperature in different environment's.

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